Future: 'March Madness' Single Review

Future: ‘March Madness’ Single Review



Atlanta’s favorite astronaut Future has been on a working tear as of late. Last year, returning to the mixtape scene with a couple of stellar outings in Monster and Beast Mode, he announced that he be releasing Dirty Sprite 2 with Metro Boomin’. To tease us with what the sequel to his breakout mixtape would sound like, he drops a track that’s near and dear to the times with “March Madness.”

“March Madness” is a play to the time of the year where the country of America fill out a bracket full of 68 college basketball teams and call out of their office job as the opening rounds tip off. For many, it is a national sports holiday equal to the Super Bowl or All-Star Weekend, though it can be filled with tons of heartbreak if your favorite school/alma mater gets eliminated early.

Produced by 808 Mafia’s Tarantino, Future does what he does best in skirting effortlessly with coos over a spacey beat that could easily be placed on a Dead or Alive fighting soundtrack. He’s living as lavish as he was rolling down Magic City, flirting with cougars, and switching lanes in a Grand Rapid. Future can be entirely out there when it comes to his descriptive language, making double entendres out of nothing (“I get high ‘til I’m higher than Mercury”) and looking to find his groove that caught him so much fan traction three years back.

Here, Future is really on cruise control as some of his best work as of late has been aided with the glimmering and woozy production of 808 Mafia. From his stronger singles like “Codeine Crazy” and “Chosen One”, “March Madness” is good in its getting teams like Georgia State hype for the Sweet 16. He does, however, manage to touch lightly on the tragic events of an unarmed youth shot and killed by police before keeping the record from becoming a somber one.

As the Atlanta scene continues to evolve and grow with each act that’s looking to rule the ear of the streets and public, Future is hoping to keep his feet entrenched in both areas. From his collaborations with Miley Cyrus to Waka Flocka Flame, and working with some of the young producers in the city, he’s preparing to blast off into another galaxy.

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