G.O.A.T. - Dead Thing (Official Music Video)

G.O.A.T. – Dead Thing

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Things start to take up speed from the very beginning of G.O.A.T.’s music video for “Dead Thing.” The setting is dark and mysterious, with only a couple of bright light sources shining behind the rock ’n rollers. The band is quickly introduced at the start of the video while we also encounter a man working behind a desk, picking out CDs with a look of frustration as he throws them away one by one. And although he looks completely fed up, the lyrics say otherwise. “Dead Thing” is the perfect rock anthem for those who refuse to give up. Frontwoman Fane Jerry sings, “There are too many bands / There are too many stars / In the end, we won’t give up.” The message conveyed here is that even though there is an endless amount of new artists rising, whether young or old, it’s important to not give up. And with a track comprised of heavy guitar riffs, solid vocals, loud bass and drums, they certainly “won’t become a dead thing.”

Passion, energy and rock’n’roll. That’s what defines G.O.A.T. Rock worshippers before everything, the five members of this Swiss band have collectively more than 15 years of stage practice. Scattering heavy sounds to the four winds, the band enjoys 80’s and 90’s rock bringing it back to life. With a new EP and Fane Jerry as a conquering frontwoman, G.O.A.T is ready to deliver its vigorous rock everywhere ! G.O.A.T´s new single “Dead thing” is available on iTunes.

About The Video – Studio41, ZR Live Music, Royal Studios, la famille Birolini and all people in the project
Actor – Joël Ingargiola
Réalisation – Didier Coenegracht, Maxime Mehl
Distribution – The Team Pool Label 2015

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