Childish Gambino Declares That Rap Has Died

Childish Gambino Declares That Rap Has Died

Childish Gambino Declares That Rap Has DiedCourtesy of

So here’s what’s going on with Childish Gambino. In the same kind of definitive declaration that Gene Simmons put out last week (“Rock is finally dead”), Community’s former star has pronounced another passing. “Rap is done,” he said in an interview with Hot 97 this week. 

The last time Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) gleaned loads of attention from his statements was last year, when he instagramed those notes disclosing what appeared to be a long list of personal fears. Here are four things he’s saying now.  

Why rap is dead – The musician, while known widely for his raps, recently said that he didn’t intend Because the Internet to be a rap album. “Rap is done. Rap is done. I love hip-hop, I love rap, but the thing it was supposed to do it doesn’t do anymore. It’s not doing the social work it’s supposed to do anymore.”

On the Ferguson poem – In the wake of the tragedy surrounding Michal Brown, Glover wrote a poem. “That poem was about freedom… people were upset, (but) a poem should make you upset… Ferguson is still happening, American is still happening, but that was when people cared – three weeks ago. That’s when people were talking about it.” After his poem was published, his following series of tweets included one about a conversation with his mom. “’When your turn comes, please listen’ – my mom on the police. I don’t think it’s fair she has to feel that way.”

 On Drake and credibility – Glover brought up that he often gets compared to Drake. “Drake doesn’t get asked, ‘Are you hard enough?’ or anything like that even though Drake’s life is really my life. I really grew up in the hood.” He added a sobering anecdote: “I get it, I’m wearing a grandma sweater. But I am also a black male. I still have to wear this grandma sweater when I go see my grandma in the Bronx… where my cousin just got shot and stabbed twice in the neck hustling there.” 

And one more thing. “I don’t wanna be the black dude you want me to be,” he said in relation to his lack of plans for any more standup comedy. “I’m constantly trying to be real. I represent real, I’m trying to do real stuff.”

Based on some hints he dropped, Gambino’s next mixtape is expected to arrive within the next two weeks. What’s on it? We’re thinking maybe not exactly rap. 

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