Gay Marriage: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Gay Marriage: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Gay Marriage: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Like it or not, gay marriages are increasing day by day. Gay people have received enough criticism and even persecution up till the past few years and until the US Supreme Court legalized their marriage.  Many people call it blasphemous, some say it is against the nature’s balance and many are simply grossed out by it. But, who cares. To each his own, we say. Here we will bust some common misconceptions about gay marriages.

Number Eight: Marriage is an ancient tradition and we should not change it

The institution of marriage has been so different in the ancient times that had those similar practices in marriages been carried out now, very few heterosexual couples would go for it. These practices include polygamy, marriage to multiple partners at once, marriage between cousins and even arranged marriages. Change is good sometimes, and the happiness of the marrying party should always be prioritized.

Number Seven: It is a new invention

There have been same sex marriages in ancient Greece, Rome, China and at some times in European history. Sadly, same sex relationships were often persecuted also.

Number Six: Civil partnerships and civil unions should be enough

There are various marriage ‘equivalents’ available around the world. But separate but equal is never fully equal. A gay marriage means those people are equal citizens and not second class, and should be respected fully by the society.

Number Five: The government has no right to interfere in a religious institution

Marriage has always been more of a civil or legal right rather than it being a religious thing. In many countries like Belgium, Turkey and Franc, you have to first register in a civil ceremony and then undergo the religious aspect.

Number Four: Religious organizations are against gay marriage

The Catholic, Protestant and Muslim hierarchies have generally been very much against same sex marriage. But there are many supporters too. These include United Church of Canada, Metropolitan Community Church, Unitarian Universalist, Reform Jewish congregations and many Neopagan faiths.

Number Three: Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues will have to solemnize these marriages once they are legalized

There is no compulsion on religious organizations or institutions to solemnize gay marriages. So far the legalization has only affected civil marriages.

Number Two: Gay marriage would pave way for other types of marriage, like humans marrying animals

The proponents of gay marriage have made it clear that the union will be between two consenting adults. They would never go for children or more ridiculously, animals since they wouldn’t know what kind of contract they’re entering into.

Number  One: Marriage is about raising children and since gay couples cannot have kids, they shouldn’t marry

Having kids is not the only purpose of marriage. If so, then couples who included an infertile partner would never get married. People, infertile or not, who did not want kids at all, would not bother marrying. A lot of gay single people and couples have children. Many adoption and fostering agencies say that gay people make very good parents since they understand bigotry and prejudice very well.

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