Genuine Leather - She And I (Official Music Video)

Genuine Leather – She And I

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Genuine Leather’s video for “She and I” (starring band members Adam Cook and Chris Galis)  follows the mysterious relationship of two men around the vacant highways and desert hills of Marfa, Texas. The video opens to Cook sitting alone at a picnic table, his eyes concealed by sunglasses. Galis enters the scene a few seconds later and sits beside him without speaking a word.
Dressed in all white aside from their undone bow-ties, the men sit together, neither acknowledging the other. But once Cook leaves the table, the chase is on. At first, it seems that Cook is being casually followed, but he eventually takes off running, trying desperately to flee Galis’ pursuit. Although the reason for the chase is never quite explained, the director, Marc Brown, does an excellent job of leaving the rest up to the viewer’s interpretation. Keep watching to find out if Cook is lucky enough to escape!

Director & Editor: Marc Brown (
Starring Adam Cook, Chris Galis


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