George Ezra: 'Wanted On Voyage' Album Review

George Ezra: ‘Wanted On Voyage’ Album Review

Columbia / Sony

Columbia / Sony

The first thing I noticed when I listened to George Ezra’s album, Wanted On Voyage, was his soothing voice coming through the speakers. It may be difficult to believe, but Wanted On Voyage is George Ezra’s debut album. The album definitely showcases someone that sounds like they’ve been around the block once or twice, but this 21 year old is new to the scene and you’re going to want to remember him. The bass-baritone singer has slowly been making his way to the U.S. in the last couple of months, even though his album has already jumped in and out of the #1 spot in the UK. The first single that hit the U.S. was “Budapest”; I would recommend this song to be your introduction to this wonderful artist. With lyrics like, “for you I’d lose it all,” it’s difficult to not relate to the song.

Ezra’s sound is difficult to define, sure his album is considered folk, but in reality, the album is beautifully eclectic. You definitely get a taste of folk in songs like, “Leaving It Up To You” and “Cassy O’.” However, in “Did You Hear The Rain?” you find music that has a hint of blues influence in it. Being that I am an individual that suffers from terrible wanderlust, I definitely appreciate that travel is a recurring theme throughout the album. “Barcelona” had me yearning for a European adventure, “My boots of leather/ From Europe/ I gather you know, know.” Did anyone else start packing a bag to Europe? Not yet?

Not only is the music in this album something to rave about, but take the instruments away from every song and Ezra’s voice will stand out every single time. In my opinion, his voice is best showcased in “Breakaway.” The song is one of the slower tracks on the album, and the way it is sung lets you enjoy every breath Ezra takes throughout the song.

The buzz around George Ezra has only been getting bigger since his music crossed the pond, but don’t worry, its not just industry hype. This kid has real, raw talent and he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Wanted On Voyage in its entirety is a wonderful journey, which shouldn’t be surprising since Ezra wrote the album while he took a solo train trip through Europe. Sure, a couple of the songs can get a bit repetitive, but Wanted On Voyage is definitely worth getting. George Ezra is currently touring with Sam Smith – add that to the reasons to fall in love with him.

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