Gerard Way: 'Millions' Music Video Review

Gerard Way: ‘Millions’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Gerard Way via YouTube

Courtesy of Gerard Way via YouTube

Following the release of his solo debut last month, Gerard Way is back with a new video, and it’s heaped with nostalgia. “Millions” is a brilliant piece of pop-rock taken from the middle of Hesitant Alien – an album lavishly channelling the past. 

Way’s video is fuzzy, Rocky Horror-esque, and extremely reminiscent of a well-loved VHS, or the days when the internet loaded pictures one row of pixels at a time, and left a staggered, cascade of imprints behind if you made the mistake of trying to move it.

The trippy video editing that director Jennifer Juniper Stratford flooded into “Millions” surely owes its origins to the 1980s. But then there’s something about the way Gerard Way holds himself that sends thoughts back to ‘Top Of The Pops’ performances of the 90s. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a throwback.

“Millions” flaunts an abstract, kaleidoscope effect, creating a staggered backdrop which quickly becomes difficult to watch. But Way’s figure is sharp against the jumble, drawing attention back to the reason we’re all here in the first place: the man himself.

But despite how eye-twitchingly loud the video is, there isn’t really too much going on. It’s very different to the whimsical stories we’re used to seeing Way tell in the days of My Chemical Romance, and in his comics, but it works in his favour. It presents him very distinctly as an artist of his own.

That’s not to say Way is the only feature of his video. A troupe of circus folk and dancing mimes kick “Millions” off, setting the tone for the eccentricity to come. This circus theme echoes back to Panic! At The Disco’s debut A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out; the wide-eyes and expressive hand movements are even a little creepy.

But “Millions” itself is refreshingly optimistic, and a thousand miles from the sound Gerard Way created with My Chemical Romance. Its video embodies the past in the same way as Hesitant Alien, bringing nostalgia to anyone born before the millennium. Although it might not tell a story in the way My Chemical Romance fans are craving, “Millions” sees Gerard Way declaring his identity. And we welcome him. Catch the eye-melting eccentrics of the “Millions” video here.

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