Progressive Music & Summer Vibes at Full Moon Fest 2014

Progressive Music & Summer Vibes at Full Moon Fest 2014

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The video promo for the Full Moon Fest pretty much captures everything you need to know about the music festival/ dance party. That is, pure vibes. Summer vibes, iridescent-moonlit-beach party vibes, and good music (The Aston Shuffle is the headliner whose song is featured in this video, if you were curious). This Friday (August 8th) is a full moon, Governor’s Island  is the party spot, and Full Moon Fest is supplying you a night of good music to help you forget a sweaty, stressful summer in New York.

The History:
Matte Project’s Full Moon Fest draws its inspiration from the moon-lit beach parties in Thailand, meant to celebrate the full moon. The first Full Moon commenced in 1985 with just a handful of travelers paying homage to the full moon along a quiet beach. Since then, the celebration’s evolved into a full-blown party-festival, drawing crowds of up to 30,000 travelers. Only 4 years old, The Full Moon Fest on Governor’s Island is inspired by the Thai tradition, but mold the event around the music. A hybrid between a music festival and a late night dance party, Full Moon Fest can be both intimate -the festival is limited to a max of 5,000 vistors- and still large enough to get lost and meet new friends, be they music lovers, travelers, bohemian New Yorkers, international travelers, or party-goers.

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The Line Up:
When it comes the music, it seems like Full Moon has combed through Soundcloud and plucked out the all of the rising stars to set loose at a single event. Its progressive dance music, its neo-soul, chillwave, disco, afropunk, a little bit of everything. It’s the opposite of that type of dance music that gives you headache after an hour or so. FDRMX is most excited to see what Wave Racer, Aston Shuffle, and Son Lux (check out this sick song “Easy” they’ve done with pop-queen Lorde). For a taste of vibes to come, listen to this Full Moon playlist put together by Neon Gold Records or better yet, sample each artist on the official Full Moon Fest website.
Preview the line-up below.
The Aston Shuffle
Wave Racer
The Knocks
Penguin Prison
Le Youth
Son Lux
Young & Sick
JDF & Dave P
Panama Wedding

If you’re hoping to fill sleepless nights with progressive music and summer vibes, and you think you can dance until the full moon breaks, venture out to the beach on Governor’s Island this Friday, August 8th. It’s the perfect culmination to a summer in New York, and word is there’s supposed to be a supermoon after midnight.

You can grab tickets here before they sell out. You can also keep up with details and line-up announcements on the festival’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep an eye out for Encyclopedia of Music’s event review and photos of the festival’s acts, coming soon.

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