Getting Famous on YouTube

Getting Famous on YouTube

YouTube: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)
YouTube: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

It may sound odd, but people don’t speak words on the Internet anymore. They speak with images. Whether you are an ordinary copywriter or an aspiring vlogger, your publication shall speak louder than words. It works 24/7 and because it is rehearsed, you have less space to make silly mistakes and more opportunity to impress your viewer.

Making any video may be easy but hitting your audience with exactly what they want is a touch nut to crack. Take a look at the contemporary art nowadays. Some people may like it, others won’t. Why? Because making something really creative and single yourself out in the crowd won’t come easy. That’s why it takes some persistence, creativity, psychology and learning from people who have already achieved something in the industry.

Yet it is not impossible and it is surely rewarding. Haven’t we all dreamed becoming famous? Nowadays everyone can get their 5 minutes of fame.

So, what you need to know before doing YouTube?

  1. Doing YouTube full-time will cost you some money. Atop the camera, your additional expenses will have to be no less than 500 dollars for lightning, any extra equipment, interior visuals, mics etc.
  2. It will take you way more time than you think. A small 3-minute long video shall take more than an hour to be made. You have to plan, stage, film, edit and upload it. Each of those things takes quite some time. Bear in mind that one minute of the footage you produce can take an hour of work.
  3. YouTube won’t make you rich. Earning money off YouTube is kind of complicated and you need another source of income to start your career there.
  4. Sponsorship is the only benign way to increase your money gain from YouTube. However, you need to build your audience first. As soon as you got your one hundred thousand subscribers or more, that’s when you make some good money from sponsorships.
  5. Creating a solid video content takes a lot of time and making your YouTube channel popular takes much more time. Consider working on it for 2-3 years before you attract the sponsors’ attention
  6. Finding your own style can be just as tricky as creating some good content. No matter how tempting, avoid copying people, while learning from them is a good idea.
  7. Try getting the most of your skills and ideas. Your video content is going to speak for yourself 24/7 reaching any point in the world. The better your video’s quality, the more views you get.
  8. Launch promos after you uploaded at least 10 good videos.
  9. Your videos are ought to be released at least once a week. Uploading more is a good idea if you can keep the quality up. Then, arrange your schedule and follow it.
  10. Write titles and descriptions in an interesting way. Use creativity, when encouraging people to subscribe.
  11. Use unique proper tags.
  12. Pay attention to your thumbnails. They are the major reason why people watch your videos instead of somebody else.
  13. As soon as you receive feedback, whether it is private messages or the comment section – reply creatively.
  14. Consider collaborating with famous YouTubers if you got an extremely good idea but don’t want to waste it due to being not popular, provided you got something really kicking.
  15. Add some background music, but careful with copyrights.
  16. Be trendy. Everything that people search for or talk of should find their influence in your videos as well.
  17. Make sure you edited your channel to its full with a cool background image and channel art.
  18. Consider making an introduction video so people know what your channel is up to.
  19. Consider creating an original easy-to-remember and hard-to-forget intro and outro for each of your videos.
  20. Build a community around your channel via other social networks.
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