Ghostpoet - Cold Win (Official Music Video)

Ghostpoet – Cold Win

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Ghostpoet goes on a road trip and gravity takes the day off in this steady but thought provoking music video for Cold Win. With liquid floating all around his car, a driver heads down a long desert highway while lamenting his ignorance of the world around him. Quick cuts of books and living room furniture are mixed in to the video to create a disjointed journey down a road that seemingly never ends.

The fear of the unknown is the prime concern of this music video. Despite the bright road ahead, the driver remains in darkness while repeatedly pleading “Can someone show me the way/I don’t know this place.” The impressive visual effects of the floating liquid allow for some intriguing interpretations of the video. Is the water drowning him, or is his fear allowing so little water to cloud his vision? The video leaves much to the judgment of the viewer, though FDRMX would be remiss if we did not mention the beautiful cinematography from director Cyrille de Vignemont.

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Artist : Ghostpoet
Song : Cold Win
Label : PIAS
Director : Cyrille de Vignemont
Prod Co : Wanda Productions

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