“Giant in My Heart” by Kiesza Celebrates Diversity

“Giant in My Heart” by Kiesza Celebrates Diversity

“Giant in My Heart” by Kiesza Celebrates DiversityPhoto Courtesy of The Standard

The newest video by Pop/House musician Kiesza generated a storm when it was released two days ago and upon further inspection it’s clear to see why. The video tells a story that many of us can relate to: A defeated middle aged man in a joyless, seemingly dead-end job whose life is only made better when the weekend comes and he can enjoy the nightlife. The twist in this version of the story is the man’s hobby: Dressing in drag.

The video has fun with presenting the man as painfully average for the first few moments. He goes to work, gets uncomfortable on the crowded train, and lives in a rather unimpressive apartment. When nighttime hits he whips out his wig and dress and joins two others for a night on the town. The choice of having a trio of Drag Queens suggests an influence from films like To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The references are welcome, but the video isn’t as bold and original as it wants to be by taking the plot from decades old films. Where it does shine is conveying emotion.

The lyrics at first glance communicate a sadness of a lost romantic partner: “And every time I try and tell you why/
I turn my face and tears run down my eyes/
It’s over now, over now
 Baby.” Through this we understand that the man’s repressed Drag queen side is equivalent to repressing the memory of a lover.

By the end the man finds a way to happiness while the chorus triumphantly blasts “Just give me all the magic that we made/It’s like a giant in my heart babe/This love is greater then my heartbreak/Just give me back the moments that we made”. It’s a pleasant ending, but a forgettable one as well. But then again the point of the video is to celebrate the good moments, which it does quite effectively.

Overall the video tells a very common tale in a unique, but by no means new way. Take a look at the video yourself and see what you think.

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