Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue: 'Right Here, Right Now' Single Review

Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue: ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Single Review

Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue: ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Single Review

Kylie Minogue works with synth master Giorgio Moroder in a track called “Right Here, Right Now.” In this song, Kylie channeled some dance floor diva veracity with real powerhouse vocals to brag. In terms of hit club anthems, no one can really go wrong with a Kylie Minogue song. This single, in addition, creates several new layers to Kylie as an artist. She shows some belting power that she does not use all time. She also exhibits a degree of evident femininity that shines through as the song reaches its climax.

Kylie Minogue may be in a tricky position right now, given that there are younger artists who create contemporary club beats in various ways and means. However, Kylie proves that you can really never put a good woman down. Kylie’s caliber as an artist only goes to show how real talent shines through, in spite of difficult competition. “Right Here, Right Now” is a testament how the timeless quality in Kylie’s art can transcend the boundaries of generations.

The lyrics of the song are very simple. It’s a straightforward endeavor to celebrate the ecstasy of the present, in the arms of a lover. While it really does not tell much lyrically, it still is a good one considering the production excellence of the track. The type of quality “Right Here, Right Now” possesses appears like it will still be contemporary sounding even in the years to come. Of course, this should be credited to the genius that is Giorgio Moroder.

It’s really a pleasant surprise to hear Kylie Minogue showing her vocal strength, while still focusing on the energy of the song. It only tells that, after all those years in the business, Kylie still has something to surprise her fans. Some may argue about the rank of the song vis-à-vis Kylie’s previous hits. Although it can be noted that “Right Here, Right Now” is a culmination of the glorious dance records that became popular in the past decades and today, transformed into a contemporary classic in the making. It’s a current style that shows how to make people dance in this era marked by several fabrications. The commendable synth production of the song works well in Kylie’s simplistic delivery, but nonetheless, with commanding presence.

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