Giulia - Turn Your Light On (Official Music Video)

Giulia – Turn Your Light On

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“Turn Your Light On” is a Pop hit by the Italian singer/songwriter, Giulia. With the song’s inspiring and uplifting lyrics, you’ll catch yourself singing along and feeling the depths of feeling that the song is capable of bringing to the surface; it can make you feel happy, yet sad at the same time. The video’s neon lights that flicker on and off create sense of solitude and loneliness as Guilia sings in a darkened room all alone; however, the flashing lights and the electronic-Pop beats of the song makes the video one that you can dance to and enjoy yourself. The interesting lighting also makes the video relevant to the title of the song while. With her songwriting skills, Giulia is able to tell a relatable story in short verses and in just over three minutes. Her passion for music will definitely make her a huge hit; she is also on her way to being a huge hit in the fashion industry as she is following in the footsteps of her mother, who was a leading model on the fashion stage.

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