Gluten: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Gluten: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Gluten: Top 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Gluten is a word that is thrown around a lot these days, whether in reference to diet trends or illness. It’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t, so we’re here to help clear up some of that confusion. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about gluten.

Number Eight: Gluten Sensitivty Means Stomach Problems

Although these issues often go hand in hand, they do not always equal each other. The only way to know for sure if you have a sensitivity to wheat is to get a test done.

Number Seven: A Few Crumbs Won’t Hurt You

Many people can eat wheat or other grains without an issue. If you have Celiac disease, however, even very small amounts can seriously harm you.

Number Six: Spelt Does Not Contain Gluten

This is a grain that is sold as gluten free, when it’s actually not. If you cannot tolerate gluten, stay away from it.

Number Five: It can be Absorbed Topically

Many people with Celiac disease assume that they must start reading labels on their makeup and shampoo to make sure they are safe. The fact is, there is not scientific evidence to support that this is harmful.

Number Four: Celiac Genes Equal Celiac Disease

If you have these genes, you’re at risk for developing the disease. Just having the genes does not mean you have it though, so don’t worry.

Number Three: Gluten-Free Diets Help You Lose Weight

It’s still possible to indulge on fattening items while steering clear of gluten. Many gluten-free products actually have more calories than their counterparts.

Number Two: Overweight People Can’t Have Celiac Disease

Body type has little to nothing to do with it. Anyone can have this disease, and you cannot tell by looking at someone.

Number One: Pre-Meal Digestive Aids Make Consumption Safe

If you have Celiac disease, these supplements don’t mean you get to go out and indulge on a meal of bread and pasta. These aids should be taken in addition to, not instead of, a strict diet free of gluten. We hope you found our article interesting and informative.

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