Gmail: 15 Things Google Didn't Tell You (Part 1)

Gmail: 15 Things Google Didn’t Tell You (Part 1)

Gmail: 15 Things Google Didn't Tell You (Part 1)

Gmail has worked its way into the hearts of email users all around the world, and why shouldn’t it? Designed by the geniuses over at Google, Gmail has provided us with the easiest, most condensed, and most helpful platform to receive our necessary electronic communications. However, even some of the most loyal Gmail users aren’t fully aware of everything that the program has to offer. To find out what your missing out on, check out our list! Don’t forget to check back soon, for the reveal of our part two article with the top eight things you didn’t know about Gmail!

Number Fifteen: The Dots Mean Nothing. The periods in your email address mean absolutely nothing. For example, you could send your emails to or, and they will still arrive at the same location. Weird, huh?

Number Fourteen: You Can Put Your Accounts to Sleep. Gmail offers a cool app called Boomerang which allows you to set up emails to return to your inbox at your discretion. With this feature, you can choose to have an email pop up in an hour, a day, or even at a chosen time.

Number Thirteen: The Cool Tracking Feature. If you sign up for a lot of account emails from various sites (and who doesn’t these days), this feature may be useful to you. When signing up to site accounts, try adding a “+” symbol anywhere in your email address; you will still receive all your emails, and the platform will organize them for you! For example, for shopping sites, you could use (as opposed to and your inbox will separate these emails. By adding the symbol in other areas, you could create multiple folders based on their source. This can also be useful in narrowing down options for who is spreading your email address.

Number Twelve: You Could Set Up Notifications. If you get a lot of important emails that require attention as soon as possible, you might need to start using the platform’s notification feature. Turn on chat or mail notifications in your settings under “Desktop Notifications”, and every time you receive an email labeled as important it will pop up on your screen no matter what you are doing!

Number Eleven: Delete Everything with One Click. Spring cleaning is approaching soon, and you shouldn’t neglect your electronic life. It can be tedious going page-by-page to delete only 25 or 50 emails at a time, so Gmail allows you to delete every email in your inbox, if desired. Just click on the little part of the page that tells you how many emails you see per page, and an option to “show more messages” will appear. Click that and select “All”, and delete as normal in one easy click.

Number Ten: Take Back the Mistakes. We have all had the gut-sinking feeling of terror after sending an email that simply wasn’t what you had wanted to say. It is commonly believed that these emails are gone forever once sent, but there is actually a way to reel them back in. Simply go into the Labs tab in your settings, and find the “Undo Send” one. Choose “Enable”, and you’ll have a few extra moments to get those emails back!

Number Nine: There is More Than Just One Star. If you are a busy emailer, the “star” option has become your best friend. Although, did you know there is more than one star? Stars come in six different colors, and even an array of other symbols, to help you sort your mail. You can use whichever is your favorite for all of your starred emails, or you can create separate folders for each symbol to further organize your emails. Don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight best things you didn’t know about Gmail of them all!

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