Goddamn Cobras - Suckers on Rod's 'Forever Young'

Goddamn Cobras – Suckers on Rod’s ‘Forever Young’

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Goddamn Cobras produced a very cool remix, combining Rod Stewart‘s “Forever Young” and Suckers‘ “It Gets Your Body Movin’.” We first see a music video clip of “Forever Young,” which quickly transitions to “Body Movin’.” It’s a wonderful paradise as friends gather and take a road trip of a lifetime. Strangers become friends as they pick up groups of people from the side of the roads and fields. There’s a dog, too. Upon arrival at their destination, these perfect strangers roll around the grass, sing in unison, jump to the skies, and dance around until sunset. Come to think of it, it either looks more like a reunion or a last-day-of-summer hurrah. One way or another, Goddamn Cobras decided to create a refreshing music video reminiscent of Stewart’s famous “Forever Young.” The cinematography captures true and honest friendship. Always live young, friends. And make unforgettable memories with the people you love.

Song is “It Gets Your Body Movin'” by Suckers
Directed and Edited by Ian Parker and Eric Phillips-Horst
Shot by Eric Phillips-Horst
Starring a bunch passersby and friends

Written by