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Good Hearted Tourists Save A Stranded 1,000-Pound Stingray

Good Hearted Tourists Save A Stranded 1,000-Pound Stingray

Thousands of animals get stuck in places that they can’t come out of and they need somebody to save them. Luckily, people are always willing to lend a helping hand. The story that you are about to see right now will show you how a bunch of good people put it all on the line to save a 1,000-pound stingray!

20. Tourist Attraction

Stingrays are some of the coolest marine animals that you can meet while traveling. In fact, stingrays are a huge tourist attraction and beaches that have them are always filled with people.

19. Big Stingrays

What many people don’t know about stingrays is that they can get pretty big. Even though most stingrays are small and cute, some of them grow up to be 1000-pounds. Although, there is something about them that tourists don’t know…

18. Deadly Animals

Despite being cute, stingrays can be dangerous. The man in this picture is none other than the famous Steve Irwin who is known for jumping on crocodiles and snakes. Sadly, Steve Irwin was stung by a stingray and the poison killed him.

17. Spotting A Stingray

Considering what happened to Steve Irwin, it should come as no surprise that some Brazilian locals were scared to get closer to a stranded stingray.

16. Is It Alive?

The man in this picture was having fun on the beach with his family when he saw a massive stingray stranded on the beach. Without giving it too much thought, the man decided to see if it’s alive or not.

15. The Stingray Is Alive

Even though the stingray has been sitting on the beach for a couple of hours, it was still alive. The man knew he had to do something and save it and he tried pulling it into the deep water. Do you think this worked?

14. Calling For Help

The stingray weighed in at around 1,000-pounds and the man was not able to pull it into deep water. Therefore, he decided to call out for help. You won’t believe how many people answered his call!

13. Helping Out

The beach was filled with people who were getting a tan, and they all decided to help out the poor stingray. Although, they were not ready for what happened next!

12. The Stingray Is Scared

The poor animal was scared and it started moving when people got closer to it. This scared the rescuers since they knew that it could sting them with poison.

11. Afraid Of The Sting

Since the rescuers were afraid of the poisonous sting, they needed to figure out a way of safely pulling out the stingray. Keep reading to find out what happens next!

10. More People Join

More and more people started coming to help. This is a good thing because dragging the stingray into deep water would prove to be more difficult than expected.

9. Crashing Waves

At one point, the waves starting crashing on the stingray and this helped the animal feel better. The stingray’s skin was dry and this is why the waves were a good thing.

8. Not Giving Up

Even though moving the stingray was proving to be difficult, the people were not ready to give up. This was when they noticed that the poor animal was stuck in a fishing net.

7. Fishing Net

The people didn’t waste any time and they started untangling the fishing net. Do you think they managed to do this?

6. Hurting The Stingray

The biggest concern that the people had was not to hurt the stingray while untangling the fishing net. Fortunately, they were able to do that and the stingray was ready to go.

5. Free To Go

Now that the fishing net was removed, the big stingray was prepared to leave. Things get even better than this since the tide was coming in and thus, making it easier for the people to drag the 1,000-pound animal.

4. Strenght Lies In Numbers

Five people were pulling at the same time on the stingray, but they were doing it carefully as not to hurt the poor animal. The next picture will leave you in awe!

3. Deep Water

Now that that the stingray was freed of the fishing net, the animal started moving. The rescuers managed to get the stingray into deep water and what happened next shocked them!

2. The Stingray Is Leaving

As soon as the stingray got into deep water, the rescuers knew that their mission was over and they simply looked at how the animal started swimming away.

1.Mission Over

Saving the stingray was no easy task and we have to give it to these people for putting it all on the line. Not everyone would take a risk like they did and this shows us that there still are some good people in the world.

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