Goodshirt - Sierra Leone (Official Music Video)

Goodshirt – Sierra Leone

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The music video for “Sierra Leone” by Goodshirt is exquisitely trippy. The mixed media style constantly surfs between oversaturated reality and hand-drawn fantasy. Even the moisture on the lead singer’s face becomes a rush of color as he races through the animated desert and sings “If you want me, I’ll come running, come running, come running to you.” In a setting that is usually dull and brown, Goodshirt breaks all the rules by injecting a hypnotic spectrum of purples, blues, greens, and yellows into the landscape. When the clouds of dust and debris become ghostlike monsters, our hero begins sinking into an ocean of murky redness. His silhouette shifts and spins in the scarlet sea like something out of a James Bond intro. When he finally breaks free, a burst of forests and rivers come with him, sparkling and celebrating. The final treat comes at the end, when he sees another person walking through the woods. Is it him in the past? The future? Is it a new friend? An enemy? The fleeting moment is open to interpretation, and makes the whole video even more exciting.

Recording By Goodshirt
Video by Circle Line Projects
Song by Coconut Rough


Written by