Goose Barnacle Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Goose Barnacle Facts: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

The goose barnacle is an odd, mysterious creature which has crossed paths with man several times. Because of this, there is a good number of things which people can learn about it. Here are some more facts about it.

Number Eight: They Have Long Penises

Something that most people don’t know about the goose barnacle is the fact they have the largest penis size to body ratio of any creature on the entire planet. Why evolution decided this was necessary has not yet been explained.

Number Seven: They Require a Lot of Nutrients

Because the goose barnacle is a filter feeder, they require a lot of dense, consistent nutrition coming their way. If they don’t consume the amount they need, they will perish quickly.

Number Six: They’re Hermaphrodites

The goose barnacle is both binary sexes. The stalk of the creature contains the ovaries, and the penis is also contained by the body.

Number Five: They Live Longer Than Dogs

On average, the goose barnacle lives up to 20 years, if healthy. This length of time is much longer than that of a dog, which normally only lives to around 15, depending on the breed, of course.

Number Four: It’s Impossible to Have Them as Pets

Although goose barnacles are quite cheap to purchase as pets, they are quite difficult to take care of. Their tank needs to always be full of filter nutrients, which is difficult to maintain in such large quantities. At least 50 percent of them die in just a matter of months.

Number Three: People Have Died Harvesting Them

Goose Barnacles are hard to find in the wild, since they are often found in deep waters, and close to rocks and other non-moving parts of the ocean. It’s highly risky for divers to go for them since a rocky hit to the head could be fatal.

Number Two: They Taste of the Ocean

Those who have been able to taste these creatures say that the flavors which are found in them are so complex that they symbolically embody the ocean. Health wise, they aren’t good for you, but that’s just a secondary fact.

Number One: A Goose Barnacle Is Never Alone

If you would find a goose barnacle, it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll be able to also find many, many more. This is because they tend to huddle in large groups. Thank you for reading!

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