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It was his Grandmother’s 98th Birthday, When You See What He Did It Will Bring You to Tears

It was his Grandmother’s 98th Birthday, When You See What He Did It Will Bring You to Tears
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15. You Never Forget What You’re Taught

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When you’re a child, there’s always someone teaching you things. Whether it’s time with your mom and dad or spending the day with grandma, you learn many different life lessons when you’re young. For Ash Ruiz, it was his grandmother who made the biggest impact on his life, especially when it came to a love for music.

14. The Love of a Grandson


Ash Ruiz and his grandmother have always had a very close relationship. According to Ruiz, it was her obsession with music that always stood out to him the most about his Grandma Jean.

13. Live Through Music


According to Ruiz, everything Grandma Jean did, she did with a song. Growing up, music was a very important part of the time he spent with his grandmother. She taught him to appreciate the emotional connection to music.

12. A New Tradition

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One moment that stands out for Ruiz is when he was eight years old and his grandmother taught him how to sing ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole. According to Ruiz, the song was her absolute favorite. Therefore, every year on Grandma Jean’s birthday, they would sing it together.

11. Apart but Not Forgotten

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Of course, as time went on and Ruiz grew up, they would both move on to live in different places. However, it didn’t matter where Ruiz was, he would always call or Skype with his Grandma Jean so they could sing their favorite song.

10. Grandma Jean’s 98th

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As Grandma Jean’s 98th birthday approached, Ruiz wanted to make it an extra special one. Knowing that their remaining time together was most likely short, he wanted to surprise his grandmother with something she would never forget.

9. A Birthday to Remember

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The day of her 98th birthday, Ruiz arrived at Grandma Jean’s bedside. He wanted to sing ‘Unforgettable’ to her in person, and her reaction is absolutely priceless.

8. A Questionable Condition

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Time had not been too kind to Grandma Jean in her old age. Now almost bedridden, she didn’t seem to recognize her grandson at first. Is it possible that this trip was for nothing?

7. Unforgettable Indeed

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Not dissuaded by his grandmother’s condition, he smiles at her and takes her hand. He asks if they should sing ‘Unforgettable.’ What happens next will warm your heart, we promise.

6. A Beautiful Voice

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Ruiz’s smooth baritone voice rings out in the room, as he begins to sing his Grandma Jean’s favorite song. At first, Jean seems agitated, not completely understanding what is going on. She randomly reaches for tissues and stares off into space.

5. An Emotional Time

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Ruiz stops for a moment, the emotion choking him up. However, he continues to press on, singing more powerfully to his grandmother. Slowly, she begins to regain her composure as the familiar lyrics fill the room.

4. The Tears

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As the song reaches its peak, Grandma Jean calms down and tears begin to flow down her face. She reaches for a tissue and begins to dab at her cheeks. It’s a touching moment between grandmother and grandson.

3. A Flood of Memories

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You have to wonder how many memories flooded back at that moment for Jean. Did years of singing with Ash since he was a little boy come flooding back at once?

2. A Quiet Moment

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As the song finished, both Ruiz and Jean shared a quiet moment together. Grandmother and grandson, reunited once more by their love and passion for music.

1. Love is Timeless

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Jean lost her singing voice in the 1980s but, despite her ailing condition, her love for music has kept her going all this time. We’re sure this will be a birthday she will never forget. A beautiful moment where the love between a grandmother and her grandson was nothing but timeless.

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