Grenouer - Brain Fever (Official Music Video)

Grenouer – Brain Fever

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Like the beginning of a creepy movie about hauntings and possession, Grenouer’s music video for “Brain Fever” begins with eerie dungeon-esque echoes and the close-up of a boy’s paint set. The young artist paints a picture of a woman in a dark cloak. The face suddenly leaps to life, and the boy steps back in fear. At that moment, the metallic chords come in, and we start to see that the ghost in the painting is a thing that haunts the boy throughout his life.
Later in life, the grown painter finds himself in a white room, decorated with vintage furniture, dried flowers, and a white clad woman (who may or may not really be there). Moments of bliss are broken by sudden fits of madness – the ghost floats above him, he sees himself with a gun to both his head and the woman’s, and he disrupts her painted image with harsh brush-flings, a snarl on his face. In the final chorus, his childhood romance with the girl comes back to him, and reality slips further and further away. 


Taken from the album “Blood on the Face” (Mausoleum Records)

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