GRENOUER - The Taste of Misery (Official Music Video)

Grenouer – Taste of Misery

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Grenouer longs for The Taste of Misery in this rather creepy music video. Their method of finding it: Covering themselves in post it notes, sugar, chains, paint and whatever else lay within arms reach. Shaky, frenetic close-ups of various messy faces disturb and fascinate. The intircate face paint and designs show a considerable craftsmanship on Grenouer’s part, which is laudable because the video is so fast paced that the work could have been done sloppily and no one would have noticed. Thankfully, Grenouer went the extra mile and the result is a video that holds up to repeat viewings.
For all of its shock, the video does open with a surprising comment on the need for an artist to feel misery. In today’s (mostly) free world of expression, there seems to be far less misery for artists than there was in the past. This may mean that the artist can no longer find inspiration, or it may just mean that artists must now create their own misery. If that’s what Grenouer does, then it must to work very well.

Directed by Q-ran
Taken from the album GRENOUER “Blood on the Face” (Mausoleum Records)


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