Groove Armada - Look Me In The Eye Sister (Official Music Video)

Groove Armada – Look Me In The Eye Sister

UK dance music legends Groove Armada have never ceased to innovate. Receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic/Dance album during the 2011 53rd annual Grammy Awards, their 6th studio album, Black Light combines influences of 80’s pop rock with deep electronica to create the dark sound suggested by its title. “Look Me In The Eye Sister” serves as the introduction to this darker sound as the first song on the album, featuring the smoky vocals of Brooklyn-based rock & roll singer Jess Larrabee from She Keeps Bees. The video, with its underground setting and dark vibes, follows suite.

The video opens up with a hunched over Olly Cambridge, the only person throughout the video, hard at work painting miniature band members for his self-sculpted Groove Armada concert. Setting up a miniature stage complete with somewhat creepy, pulsating, sculpted audience members, flashing lights, and cigarette smoke- fog, Olly Cambridge is the puppeteer of his own Groove Armada show, and the sculpted audience, in a Claymation style reminiscent of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, is rocking out.

Created by Dawson Bros
Starring – Olly Cambridge
DoP – Sam Hardy, Tom Wright
Directed by Steve Dawson & Al Campbell


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