Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Official Music Video)

Groove Armada – Paper Romance

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Groove Armada’s music video for “Paper Romance” deals with the fragility of love. It can be as frail as paper, as the young woman with mascara smudged around her eyes in the video seems to be experiencing. Though the music video starts out rather down, the song and the lyrics quickly bring it up to a more optimistic tune. The girl, first sobbing alone in her apartment, soons gets herself out of the house and heads to a bar where Groove Armada are singing (though it looks more like karaoke). The bar looks like a sleazy 70’s hangout joint that hasn’t been redecorated or properly cleaned in decades. People are wearing clunky costume jewelry and clothing that looks straight out of the 70’s too. The young woman’s smudged eye makeup slowly gets worse and worse as it travels down her face, but the music starts to speak to her. She gets up and dances her emotional pain away.

Andy Cato
Tom Findlay
St Saviour

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