Groove Armada Has the Perfect Dance Song for the Weekend

Groove Armada Has the Perfect Dance Song for the Weekend

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I know, I know. It’s Friday at 5:00. The last thing you are going to want to do is read a music blog. I’m sure you’d much rather claw your way onto a spot on the subway so you can begin your weekend as fast as possible. But I have something that you’re going to want to know about because it will drastically improve any dance parties you may be hosting: It’s called Paper Romance by Groove Armada and it will definitely add something special to you weekend.

The video depicts a woman having a very bad night (but don’t let that discourage you from making you’re a good one with this song). Most of the video follows the woman journey around town with a sad look on her face and a plethora of mascara running down it. She finally ends up in a sort of bar/arcade/concert space where as fate would have it the performers of the song are. Such a coincidence isn’t enough to cheer the woman up so she flees into the bathroom where she has a chance encounter with… I’m not quite sure who.  The video has an intoxicating beat that isn’t too intrusive. It very much a dance song that amplifies the fun people are having without demanding attention. That’s not to say the tune isn’t catchy, just that it can be enjoyed even through ambience.

Groove Armada is a London Electronic duo that you’ll most likely know as the guys you shook your booty to way back in 2000 with “I See You Baby”. Andy Cato and Tom Findlay make up the prolific duo, who formed Groove Armada in the mid 90’s after being introduced to each other by Cato’s wife. This past February Grove Armada released their newest EP Pork Soda, which you can listen to here on SoundCloud. They’ve ben known to collaborate and tour with many artists including Becky Jones aka Saint Saviour who incidentally provided the vocals for this song.

Take a look at this music video below. If you like what you see and here be sure to follow them on Facebook here.

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