Grunge Rock Band Pearl Jam Covers Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Grunge Rock Band Pearl Jam Covers Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Grunge Rock Band Pearl Jam Covers Frozen’s “Let It Go”

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Pearl Jam fans know the band for their contribution to the “grunge rock “ scene, for lead singer Eddie Vedder’s growl and howl of a voice, and of course their punk rock attitude, but what they weren’t expecting at the band’s Friday night performance in Milan was for the dad in Eddie Vedder to come out in the middle of the hit song “Daughter”.

A father of two daughters himself, Vedder must undoubtedly know all the lyrics to the Disney musical “Frozen” by heart. So perhaps it felt natural, during the show, to cover one of the many catchy pop songs from the movie. The band transitioned from “Just Breathe” into “Daughter”, and extending a riff for several minutes, Vedder took on the Frozen song “Let It Be” and spliced the two hits together.

Watching the video caught of the performance on YouTube, it’s surprising at first to hear two such songs linked, but it makes more sense when you remember that both songs are about a person striving to overcome a sort of disability that is preventing them from functioning the way they want to in society. Way to continue the catharsis, Pearl Jam!

Regardless of whether it’s the millions of Frozen fans that inspired Pearl Jam to go ahead and cover the song, or an attempt to snag the next generation of music fans in the audience (or maybe even reconnect with the fans who dragged those kids there with them), the show was rocking enough for the audience to sing along.

You can watch Pearl Jam cover “Let It Go” on YouTube.

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