Guardians of the Galaxy Gets a Boost from Classic Rock Music

Guardians of the Galaxy Gets a Boost from Classic Rock Music

Guardians of the GalaxyPhoto Courtesy of Cinema Blend

One of the biggest films of the summer is gaining a lot of buzz thanks to an incredible series of trailers with bold choices of music. Thanks to this, Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy promises to be a feast of both visuals and classic rock.

The film, based on the comic book series of the same name, features the typical ragtag group of space outlaws as they band together to save the entire universe from destruction. It’s a tale told many times before, only this time there’s a talking tree who is friends with a gun slinging raccoon. The trailer music mentioned includes “Hooked on a Feeling” (specifically Blue Swede’s 1974 cover), Spirit in the Sky, and most recently The Runaway’s 1976 punk hit “Cherry Bomb“. While many were perplexed by the soundtrack choices, it ultimately resulted in creating some of the most memorable trailers of the last few years.

It’s no surprise Director James Gunn uses music so strategically.  He recently admitted to MTV news that rock songs were a huge inspiration for his film. In particular, a famous 90’s grunge band serves as a metaphor for the entire film. “For me, making this movie is a little bit like a Nirvana song,” he said. “It’s slow and long, and then big and fast, and slow and long, and big and fast. And I really like those moments — sort of going really small to really big.” The fascination with the big and the small may explain the juxtaposition of Blue Swede’s love ballad over the images of space battles and talking raccoons.

The inclusion of so many 70’s era songs may be an effort to suggest the golden age of Science Fiction in the 70’s. When the multiplexes were ruled by titles like Alien, Logan’s Run, Silent Running, and a little known independent film called Star Wars. After all, the characters are so far presented as several different versions of Han Solo. It makes sense for the trailers to musically familiarize the audience of a time when space opera’s made everyone feel like kids again.

The movie comes out August 1st in North America. We’ll catch you up on all the killer music included then.

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