Guess: Top 6 Facts You Never Knew

Guess: Top 6 Facts You Never Knew

Guess: Top 6 Facts You Never Knew
Guess: Top 6 Facts You Never Knew

Guess is a clothing brand known for it’s sexy ads that tend to feature the best of the best when it comes to Victoria’s Secret models. But besides the ads, there is actually a lot you don’t know when it comes to this brand. Here are the top six facts you never knew about the brand.

Number Six: Guess Was Primarily Known For Denim Due To The Brand’s Start

The Marciano brothers ended up leaving France and moving to America to chase their dream of becoming fashion designers. Their first success story, and how the brand became known for their denim, was thanks to Bloomingdale’s ordering the first pairs of their jeans. The twenty-four pairs of jeans were bought up within hours of being added to the floor.

Number Five: Clothing Brand Was Created By Two Brothers

Contrary to popular belief, two brothers actually created and still run the brand. Paul and Maurice Marciano moved to California in 1981 and were able to open the first Guess store in Beverley Hills.

Number Four: The Brand Designed Marty McFly Custom Clothing For Back To The Future

If you’re a big Back to the Future fan, then you’ve probably noticed the distinct Guess clothing he flashes throughout the film. The Marciano brothers designed the clothing specifically for the character.

Number Three: The Marciano Brothers Draw Inspiration For Lines From The California Style They Witnessed Decades Ago

When they first moved to California, the Marciano brothers fell in love with everything about West Coast style. They have been reinventing that style and drawing inspiration for their various Guess fashion lines ever since.

Number Two: The Brand Has Survived Controversies

Guess has seen its fair share of controversies. With a huge sweatshop debacle back in the 1990s and then a boycott of one of their printed tee’s in the early 2000s, the brand has had to do some serious positive press, but it seems to have done the trick.

Number One: Guess Was The First To Create Designer Jeans

Prior to Guess, designer jeans were unheard of in department stores. Customers didn’t seem to have any interest in letting others know what brand their jeans were, but the brand changed the game with their telltale the brand signature and design.

Guess may have been around for 35 years, but there’s still a lot you don’t know about this clothing and accessories brand. So go treat yourself to a pair of the first ever designer jeans and take home a piece of fashion history.

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