Guns N Roses: Top 5 Singles Of All Time

Guns N Roses: Top 5 Singles Of All Time

Guns N Roses: Top 5 Singles Of All Time

Guns N Roses is one of the best rock bands of all time. Besides giving us some of the best rock and roll hits, who could forget vocalist Axl Rose’s classic headband fashion and luscious locks? Let’s take a look back at this successful rock group’s top five singles of all time.

Number Five: Civil War

Guns N Roses was much more than just Axl Rose, however his whistling in this track is killer. But what’s really killer are Slash’s guitar riffs in the song and the deeper message. With this track, Guns N Roses gave us a rock song that made us think deeper and contemplate political issues, a rare feat with a rock song.

Number Four: November Rain

At nearly ten minutes in length, this jam is one of Guns N Roses greatest hits by far. With an epic intro of Axl on the piano, this song really explores the emotional depth of the band and is by far one of the best power ballads ever created.

Number Three: Paradise City

Even if you don’t know the name, I guarantee you’ve rocked out to this classic jam. With catchy lyrics and verses that make you want to stop what you’re doing and head to wherever the band is singing about, what’s not to love about this rock song?

Number Two: Sweet Child O’ Mine

Slash’s incredible guitar riff in the intro is infamous in this track. The moment you hear it start, you know exactly what song it is. Everyone from your mom, to your uncle, to your neighbor knows the words to this Guns N Roses single and belts them out every single time it comes on. If that doesn’t make a top single, then what does?

Number One: Welcome To The Jungle By Guns N Roses

This song was actually one of Guns N Roses first major singles ever and it’s what got many fans hooked on the band’s bad ass rocker vibe. To this day, it’s still insanely popular proving the band’s incredible, lasting staying power and evidence of their greatness in the rock and roll realm.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you should add these classic rock songs to your music library as soon as you get the chance. A few of the best singles from Guns N Roses is just the thing you need to get pumped up.

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