Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco: 'Linger' Music Video Review

Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco: ‘Linger’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Guy Sebastian via VEVO

Courtesy of Guy Sebastian via VEVO

Stepping into 2015 with gusto as he embarks on his first national arena tour, platinum-selling Aussie Guy Sebastian has released the video for “Linger.” Featuring the hypnotic tones of rapper Lupe Fiasco, the third single from Sebastian’s latest album Madness is one of his strongest to date. And true to the evocative and mesmerizing tones found within the tune, the recently released music video tells the story of passion, love and lust both with class and sensuality

Filmed nearly completely in gray scale, the clip transitions between shots of Sebastian singing directly to the camera and a female who acts as the trigger for “lingering.” The decision to layer many of the shots with different backgrounds certainly makes it unique, yet the artful aesthetic seems to pin down the overall tension within the song and highlights the inward monologue that takes place when we are in this place of indecision. 

The industrial backdrop used within the clip is harsh in comparison to the use of flowing lines and femininity of the women depicted throughout the video. It is only as the song climaxes that this changes to more natural and powerful images of nature, which seem to communicate the deep and instinctual urge within humans to pursue objects of desire no matter what the cost. 

The decision to transition between similar shots and use a seemingly old-school type cut through the video can be seen as a risk. It doesn’t feel as polished or commercialized as a normal pop video, and the choice of imagery can be a little obscure. That being said, the nature of the song allows the video to go beyond the borders of what is normal, and you will often feel it stretching your imagination and artistic sensibilities. 

Overall, the music video for “Linger” is certainly unique. Different in style to any of Sebastian’s previous videos, it contains artistic and sensual tones which coincide well with the exquisite melody. The decision to include an industrial background with the addition of Lupe Fiasco adds an urban facet to the clip, and this places Sebastian’s stamp on it. Interesting, provocative and symbolic, the music video for “Linger” stands out as an authentic and unique piece of work that will continue to take ground for Sebastian in 2015.

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