Guy Sebastian: ‘Tonight Again’ Single Review

Guy Sebastian: ‘Tonight Again’ Single Review

Guy Sebastian: 'Tonight Again' Single Review

Fresh off the back of his first national arena tour, and Australian Eurovision contender Guy Sebastian has hit the studio to write and record the insatiably catchy, “Tonight Again.” Featuring a strong R&B vibe mixed with Sebastian’s soulful vocals, the single is fun, electric and riveting enough to garner the star more than a few international fans, and hopefully, some votes to boot.

The velvet sound of Sebastian’s voice opens the track with a simple piano backing, and we are shown the light and shade in the singer’s voice as he effortlessly pours out a song about embracing the moment. Electric guitar and a stand out brass section bring full colour to the chorus, and the instrumentation rises to the crescendo where Sebastian repeats, “We can do tonight again.”

Breaking down with a strong focus on a piano synth sound, which is carried by the big-band-esque sound of the trumpet, we are reminded that this song is far more than just a memorable and feel-good tune, as the vocals come to the fore and shine above the excellence of the production. Background vocals contribute to the momentum of the tune, with vocalists like Fatai adding to anthem-like quality of track.

Aside from the vocals, there is impeccable timing within this track, which somehow balances the best qualities of today’s R&B genre with old-school soul. Filled with catchy hooks and lyrics that will stay in your head long after the song has finished, “Tonight Again,” carries a hopeful and joyful sound that emphasizes the unique spirit communicated through Sebastian’s music and his live shows.

While “Tonight Again” is not the big ballad we expected for Eurovision, it meshes all the best elements of a moving vocal performance with a groove and hook to wow an international audience. Coming together after spending 72 hours in the studio, the limited time Sebastian had on this tune doesn’t dismiss it of quality. In fact, in production, instrumentation and vocal delivery, I’d say it’s up there as one of Sebastian’s best tunes and even trumps some of his most recent singles.

“Tonight Again” will delight fans and lovers of soul worldwide. Therefore, aside from expecting a performance full of glitter, glitz and funky dance moves, I only have one request: please release this as a single, Guy. Because I’d really like to stop using up my internet data while I stream this from YouTube, and this could most definitely take you to the top of the Aussie charts, again.

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