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Guy Tells Cute Puppy He Looks Handsome, His Reaction Is Priceless

Guy Tells Cute Puppy He Looks Handsome, His Reaction Is Priceless
Image: Youtube

This diva dog has a definite opinion about fashion! His name is Link, and he’s a French Bulldog. He might be tiny, but he has some definite opinions!

14. What an Attitude!

Image: Bored Panda

This pup doesn’t have time for your jabbering!

13. One Happy Family

Image: Stinky Linky

Link lives with his dad Sean Sarantos, his mom, and his dog-brother, Clark. Here is he on Christmas!

12. You Look Handsome

Image: StinkyLinky

In an adorable video, Link has something to say about a red bandana that Sean has put around his neck. As you can see, Sean tried to compliment the pup on his new look: “You look super handsome.”

11. Not Having It

However, check out Link’s reaction to his dad’s comment! He looks very skeptical about his bandana and made sure his dad knew his true feelings.

Link huffs at Sean and then goes one step further, trying to bite off his bandana. Although he does indeed look pretty fetching in that accessory, Link went out of his way to let everyone know he disagreed. He nips at Sean’s ear to tell him all about it.

10. An Epic Pout

Image: YouTube

Link’s pouty face makes him even cuter. French Bulldogs are known for their attitudes – and their underbites!

9. Dog Lover

Image: Mashable

Obviously, Link totally loves his dad, as this photo demonstrates. Nip nip! (He just does NOT love red bandanas).

8. Sean’s a Veteran

Image: Sean Serantos

Link even has his own Instagram, which is maintained by Sean, a fitness trainer and U.S. Air Force veteran.

7. Link’s Instagram

Image: StinkyLinky

Link’s Instagram (@stinkylinky) is a feast for French Bulldog lovers. As this picture shows, there’s nothing cuter than puppies sleeping with babies.

6. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Image: StinkyLinky

When the weather heats up, Link likes nothing better than an ice cream bar. This one looks delicious!

5. Dishwasher

Image: StinkyLinky

The little guy even does the dishes. How’s this for a pre-wash?

4. The Clark Star

Image: TheClarkStar

Clark also has his own Instagram (@theclarkstar). He’s a Terrier/Shepherd mix who clearly knows how to smile! Check out those pearly whites.

3. The Red Bandana

Image: TheClarkStar

Clark obviously likes the bandana a lot more than his little brother. Link actually looks pretty content to let Clark wear it, too!

2. Teacher’s Pets

Image: Sean Serantos

When Link and Clark have free time, they help Sean teach doggie workshops.

1.Merry Christmas

Image: Sean Sarantos

Sean, the two dogs, and his lovely wife look very happy in this photograph. In fact, they look like they just got off the set of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie!

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