Gwen Stefani: 'Baby Don't Lie' Single Review

Gwen Stefani: ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ Single Review

Gwen Stefani: ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ Single Review

When listening Gwen Stefani’s track “Baby Don’t Lie” for the first time, I was not impressed simply because I was expecting more. Not every track can be compared to the success of “Hollaback Girl,” but I was looking for something more upbeat. After listening to the song multiple times, it definitely grew on me.

Musically the track starts of with a semi-hard-hitting beat and then goes into a more mellow Mediterranean tune. The beat is definitely something that can make its way to radio, and is not what is flooding the airwaves right now, such as: “Loyal,” “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” “Break Free,” and “Black Widow.” While those songs are all successful in their own right, they sound so similar to other songs on the radio that it’s annoying to hear in rotation.

Vocally, it is what I would expect from Stefani. It’s her signature sound that works well with this type of track. It’s not too much, the only thing that makes her sound basic are the lyrics. Lyrically the song is pretty boring and repetitive. There’s really no substance to what is being said. The first and second verses are the same exact thing.

Stefani is no stranger to singing about love and how she wants more out of a relationship. “4 In the Morning” was a great representation of that. In this track, it’s a similar concept just constant repetition of not only “Baby don’t lie”, but also the words “eyes” and “disguise.” She goes into a rap break that, then leads back into the same hook that made up the entire song. While the music and Stefani’s voice kept me listening, lyrically it just didn’t do anything.

Overall, the track is not the best comeback for Stefani simply because, after nearly a decade, I was expecting more. On the contrary, I’m happy she’s back to making music. Cheers to more Stefani in 2016.

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