Halle Berry: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Halle Berry: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Halle Berry: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)


Halle Berry was born in Ohio in 1966 and has become a very famous actress in the United States. Here are some little-known facts about the celebrity. Check back for part two of our list, coming soon.

Number Fifteen: She Tried to Hit on J.T.

After splitting up with her boyfriend in 2003, she called Justin Timberlake. Rumor has it that he didn’t return her call, seemingly because she’s older.

Number Fourteen: She Experienced Racism Early On

She went to a school in Ohio that was almost entirely white and experienced racism very early on in life. This only inspired her to excel and achieve her dreams.

Number Thirteen: She Was Her High School’s Newspaper Editor

In Halle’s school years, she partook in a variety of extra activities. Some of these interests include becoming the newspaper editor, class president, and even head cheerleader.

Number Twelve: Halle Berry Is a Pageant Queen

This was mostly in the early ’80s. Among her achievements are winning Miss Teen Ohio, Miss Teen America, and participating (and almost winning) in Miss USA. She also won number six in Miss World.

Number Eleven: She Didn’t Bathe for 10 Days for a Role

She got the big screen break in 1991 as Samuel L. Jackson’s druggie partner in the film Jungle Fever. She didn’t shower for 10 days to look like a convincing crack addict. She also didn’t brush her teeth or comb her hair.

Number Ten: She Pulled Off an Indian Sari

Halle wore a traditional dress called a sari, amidst acting in her six roles for the film Cloud Atlas. The movie came out in 2012 and was hated and loved by many, appearing at the same time on various “Best Film” and “Worst Film” lists.

Number Nine: The Actress has had Legal Trouble

Berry has been involved in a couple of accidents that she claimed she did not remember. These were hit-and-run incidents for which she was placed on probation, made to do community service, and fined a large sum of over $13,000. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list of interesting facts about the famous actress, Halle Berry. Part two is coming soon.

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