Hamish Anderson - Howl (Official Music Video)

Hamish Anderson – Howl

Blues, rock, and folk artist from Melbourne Australia, Hamish Anderson, hollers soulfully in his music video for “Howl.” Shot entirely in black and white, the video follows the tale of tortuous love as he narrates the story from onstage with his band. He is tied up, his arms hanging suspended above his head, held prisoner is some basement dungeon of a room. As he dangles there, he recalls memories shown to us in bits in pieces. Anderson catches the eye of a girl who is every bit just as blues rock as he, and she leads him away, upstairs to some unknown place where she soons makes him her captive. Shots of her sitting upon a throne made up of boxes, a ladder, pieces of metal and a traffic cone flash by, along with one of her unsheathing what looks to be a soldering or welding gun with sparks flying from it. To further heighten the dark mystery of the story, female hands smear black paint all over Anderson’s face and torso as he continues to howl.

Producer: Pippa Martino
Director of Photography: Will Zain & Jenna Westerink
1st Assistant Camera: Reece Fleming 
Production Designer: Spencer Shaw
Editor: James Base
‘Girl’: Alexandra Kimpton
Extras: Gemma Luscombe & Ange Lethbridge 
Band: Ryan Haus, Will South, Jeremy Hede

Website: hamishanderson.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/hamishandersonmusic

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