Hannes Fischer admits, "I dream about Zebra Katz every night"

Hannes Fischer admits, ‘I dream about Zebra Katz every night’

Courtesy of trndmusik.de

Courtesy of trndmusik.de

For anyone searching for one of those seamless Saturday morning mixes, look no further than Hannes Fischer. The native Berliner has a knack for perfecting mixes like his “Lazy Afternoon Sessions” that have earned him a faithful Soundcloud following. His strong suit may be delicious deep house-y remixes, but he’s also got a growing catalogue of originals like his most recent endeavor “Together.”  It’s the kind of house one ought to listen to “On a sunny beach at the sea. With a lot of weed,” says Fischer.

Fischer grew up in Stuttgart, Germany in the late 80‘s and made his first “remixes with his first CD-Player and a tape deck.” As the 90‘s progressed, he cultured a deep appreciation for Hip Hop, R’n’B and Soul, and simultaneously fell for the vibes of early 90‘s house music of Detroit and Chicago. For someone so skilled at remixing and mixing alike, he rarely seeks creative inspiration from other artists. “I think I don’t have other artists as my inspiration. I like a lot of people for their production skills, but for the creative/inspirational part, I get it from something else… thinking about life, the universe, death… stuff like that.” Fischer names some of his favorites as, “A Tribe Called Quest, Souls Of Mischief, People Under The Stairs, Nas, Outkast, MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Common, Gang Starr, The Roots, Azealia Banks, Zebra Katz… Yep that’s what I’m listening to everyday. OH and Lil Debbie. I love her, she’s so much fun!”

Speaking of Zebra Katz… “I dream about Zebra Katz every night! Hahaha… He’s f–ing sexy. I love his style and his flow. Would love to collaborate one day. Others would be Lil Debbie, Princess Nokia (OMG so sexy!)” Fischer exclaims. He also has a minor thing for Azealia Banks “the best female rapper out there! All my respect for leaving a major label just to do what she wants to do. I saw her 2 weeks ago at her Berlin show. It was so awesome. Wow wow wow!”

Fischer seems to have an affinity for dark hip-hop — an interesting twist for someone so deeply rooted in house. But maybe it’s a strategic move. He says of hip-hop sampling:  “In the last 2 years I tried not to use hip hop samples, everyone is doing that right now in house music. I did that 4 years ago. Maybe I will do it again when it’s not hip anymore.”

The Berliner comes across as an enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky type, even over e-mail, often injecting the most standard interview responses with a burst of optimism. “I go outside as much as possible, I love good food, having coffee/tea with friends, HEY ANJA! I read a lot. And I’m addicted to Minecraft haha… I have to say 2014 was already such an amazing year for me, I personally changed so much. I have the feeling I became a better person this year and I’m really happy and thankful for what I’ve achieved this year. So I think I have nothing left on my bucket list 2014. ;)”

Fischer’s equal parts playful and honest with short answer questions. On the one track he’d play for someone who’s never heard his music before: “I guess that would be “Deep Field” from my first EP on Sonar Kollektiv. It’s disco, it’s space, it’s 100% me.”

On his #1 pet peeve: “Soundcloud ‘updates/improvements’ seriously they drive me nuts. So Myspace.” On his reading list: “Shunryu Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. I’m a beginner.” On his iPod: “I don’t have an iPod, but when I’m listening to music outside I do it on Spotify.”

On the music scene in the U.S. versus Europe: “I have never been to the States… But from what I read on blogs I think this whole trance, progressive thing is kind of big in the States right now? You know all the stuff we here listened to in the 90’s haha!” And what about visuals? “I would love to have visuals for my shows. Something with galaxies and planets and stars crashing into each other. I would love that! But I need someone to do that for me… So if someone is interested!? :)”

And finally, we asked what Hannes has in store for us for the rest of 2014. He says: “the next EP is as good as finished. But it’s a bit darker this time, good for the club. An LP will come someday; I have to admit I don’t know when. I hope I get it finished in 2015.” In the meantime, he’s planning on “visitin a lot of interesting and exciting places, meeting nice people and just having a good time! Oh and getting rich as f– , almost forgot.”

You can peruse Fischer’s Soundcloud or Twitter for updates. His Lazy Afternoon mixes are perfect for study sessions, and his rework of Fiest‘s  “Inside & Out” and original “Deep Field” are groovy deep house gems.

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