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He Spotted A Dog In A Canyon, Then This Happened

He Spotted A Dog In A Canyon, Then This Happened

When one man was out on a hike, he spotted something unbelievable. There in the midst of a canyon was a trapped dog. Luckily, this man spotted the dog in just the right moment and you won’t believe how the rescue went down.

20. A Hike

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One man named Kent decided to head out on an adventure filled hike. It was a great day to be out in the great outdoors. He didn’t expect that something unbelievable would happen during his hike.

19. Looking Over

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As Kent was embarking on his hike, he came across some extremely scenic sights. There he was in the middle of huge canyons and dark caverns. It was an incredible sight…

18. Unexpected Finding

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However, as Kent was looking around in the canyons he saw the most unexpected thing. In fact, he had to do a double take as he couldn’t believe his eyes. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him!

17. A Dog


As Kent looked closer he could finally make out what the object was. It was a dog trapped at the bottom of the canyon! The puppy appeared to be very frail and weak.

16. Movement

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From where he was standing, Kent could tell that the animal was a dog. It was moving around ever so slightly and Kent could tell that it was weak from lack of food and water. He was shocked that the dog was even there to begin with.

15. Deep Canyon

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However, the most shocking part to Kent was thinking about just how deep the canyon actually was. It was dark in there and the canyon went down about 350 feet. How could the dog have gotten himself stuck in there?!

14. Closer Examination

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So Kent decided to trek down into the canyon to get a better look at the poor puppy. Once he got closer to the pup he could see that it didn’t have any cuts, scrapes or broken bones. That left only one possibility…

13. Abandoned

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Since the pup didn’t have any injuries, Kent realized that it hadn’t fallen into the canyon by chance. It seems that someone had purposely left their dog behind in the canyon. It was a sad reality…

12. Getting Supplies

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Kent could see just how sad and tired the dog appeared. So the next thing Kent did was grab some food and water to bring to the pup. Then, Kent had to leave until the next day…

11. A Rope

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Kent, unfortunately, couldn’t save the poor pup on that day. He didn’t have all of the necessary supplies to pull the dog out of the canyon. So he went home to get a rope.

10. The Right Supplies

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So Kent went home to gather up some appropriate gear to help pull the pup out of the canyon. “There is no way I’m just going to let him die without at least trying to help him,” Kent said.

9. Next Day

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The next day, Kent returned to the same canyon with all of the appropriate supplies. Kent refused to let the dog suffer any longer. So Kent came up with a genius plan!

8. ATV

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Kent used an ATV to support the rope as he descended down into the canyon. So did Kent make it to the bottom without any problem? You’ll be shocked by what a little perseverance and good intentions can get you!

7. At The Bottom

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Kent was able to successfully make it down to the bottom of the canyon without a problem. He also brought with him a dog basket that he could carry the pup back up in. His next course of action was convincing the pup to get into the cage.

6. The Cage

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Luckily, Kent was able to get the pup to get inside of the cage. However, it did take a bit of enticing to win the pup over. Once the pup was in the cage, Kent could see just how malnourished it was.

5. Bad Shape

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The pup was in seriously bad shape.“You could count his individual ribs… The skin had just collapsed to nothing, it was horrible,” Kent said. The pup was incredibly weak and yet was still able to wag his tail out of admiration for his savior.

4. What Next?

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Kent successfully managed to get the dog out of the canyon. So what happened after the rescue was completed? Well, Kent did the only did he could do…

3. Adoption

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It was then when Kent decided that he would adopt the sweet pup that he had managed to rescue. He opened his home up to the dog and both of their lives have only gotten better since!

2. New Family

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The sweet pup was immediately welcomed into his new home. He even got a new pet sibling to play with as well. Finally, things were looking up for this amazing dog.

1. True Hero

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Kent displayed a truly heroic nature by going out of his way to rescue the abandoned pup. Now thanks to his actions the pup has a wonderful new home and Kent has an amazing new pet!

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