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He Was Waiting For His Bride, But When The Door Opens, He Is Shell Shocked

He Was Waiting For His Bride, But When The Door Opens, He Is Shell Shocked
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A bride who was paralyzed after a devastating car crash in 2008 made good on her promise to walk again, and she did it in the most dramatic way possible.

13. The Big Event

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Jennifer Darmon was just like any other bride. She was in love with her fiance, Mike Belawetz, and enjoying planning every detail of their upcoming wedding. However, she was different in one big way. Jennifer had been paralyzed in a car crash and lost the use of her legs. She had used a wheelchair to get around ever since.

12. A Crush

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The couple have a love story for the ages. Mike was a socially shy paramedic who frequently came into the bank branch in Windsor, Canada, where Jennifer worked as a teller. This was all the way back in 2006. Mike started showing up three times a week with a crush on Jennifer.

11. A Love Story

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“Obviously she’s a very, very pretty girl, which was the main attraction,” he said, and that “kept me going to the bank.” Eventually, they went on date and fell in love. Everything was fine until a terrible accident threatened to rob them of their future.

10. Head-On Collision

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The couple was on a road trip with friends when a car hit their van head-on. The collision left everyone shaken, but ok, except for Jennifer. As everyone else climbed out of the car, Jennifer was unable to move her legs. Mike, as a paramedic, knew how to remove her from the car. However, after touching her spine, he knew what had went wrong.

9. Paralyzed But Determined

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“I couldn’t feel my legs,” Darmon told ABC News. “I went into hysterics. I was screaming and crying and not really knowing what was going on.” At the hospital, the staff confirmed Mike’s worst fears: the love of his life was paralyzed from the waist down and was not expected to regain the use of her legs.

8. Her Struggle

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Jennifer went through many surgeries to partially restore her ability to use her body. She did three-hour physical therapy sessions, pushing her body at least three times a week to regain some movement. Jennifer had to drive from Windsor to Detroit, a 45 minute drive, to attend the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. Mike never left her side.

7. He Pops the Question

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Jennifer and Mike had been dating for 4 years when he decided to propose. She said yes, however, she wouldn’t be content to go down the aisle in her wheelchair. She declared she would walk down the aisle, saying, “It’s absolutely going to happen.”

6. Working Toward Her Goal

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With this in mind, Jennifer increased her determination in her physical therapy appointments. The road was long but she had a goal in mind. Each day, she worked hard than the last, and the hospital commented that she had the highest attendance rate of any their patients. Would her dedication pay off?

5. The Wedding Walk

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Finally, the big day came. It was the day of her wedding and would walk down the aisle. Months of hard work had come to this. Everyone waited to see the bride in her gown. She begin her descent down the aisle joined by her brother and father.

4. Walking


It was a moment to remember. The song “Walk with You” by Edwin McCain was playing and everyone turned to see Jennifer’s big moment. Tears filled the wedding guests’ eyes as they watched her walk down the aisle.

3. Her Big Moment

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Anyone attending the wedding knew the gravity of this moment. Even Mike was shocked, and he had been there through all of it, watching Jennifer work as hard as she could. Nw he saw his beautiful bride and all that she had accomplished.

2. Reaction

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“It’s so nice for everyone to see the end result,” she said to ABC News. As for Mike, he commented that he was “very proud f his wife.” The wedding was held at Mackenzie Hall, in Windsor, Ontario with the crowd full of the couple’s friends and family. But that’s not the end of their love story..

1. Baby Makes Three

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Life had one mre surprise fr the cuple and this ne was jyus. They were ging t be parents! Jennifer became pregnant within a year f their marriage and ended up giving birth t a happy, healthy baby girl named Alyssa.

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