Head Games by Lost Midas Already Remixed by Gypsy Mamba

Head Games by Lost Midas Already Remixed by Gypsy Mamba

Lost Midas New Single Head Games & RemixPhoto Courtesy of lacanvas.com

Los Angeles producer and FDRMX featured artist Lost Midas has premiered a new single titled “Head Games.” Featuring vocals from Audris, a singer also from L.A., the song is from his upcoming debut album “Off the Course,” which is due to be released July 29th, 2014.  The first single off the album has been such a hit that already a remix of it has been done by Gypsy Mamba, which is available when you purchase the original.

Otherwise known as Jason Trikakis, the Boston-born drummer-turned-producer says of the original version of the track, “The lyrics reflect a kind of internal pep talk . . . there’s a lot of extraneous noise in Los Angeles. People have alternative motives. Depth of personality is hard to find… I suppose I was having a hard time remaining true to myself. To avoid getting sucked in to a state of emotional darkness, I kept having to tell myself ‘don’t waste your time, chasing a lie.’”  This personal exploration inspired the self-aware theme of Lost Midas’ upcoming album “Off The Course,” giving listeners insight to what the experience of breaking into the the heavy-duty L.A. music scene can be like. The vocals by Audris float weightless above the upbeat electronic sounds and the bouncing bass, compelling listeners, almost hypnotically, to step back and gain some perspective on the heavy aspects of life.

The Gypsy Mamba rendition of “Head Games” maintains the hypnotic style of the original but adds an alien-esque effect to the vocals, deepening them and providing an intergalactic vibe. The beat seems to hit you harder, provided by a deeper, darker bass tone, but the production is of quality, so it only adds to the mesmerizing character of the song. Unlike other artists’ remixes, it’s safe to say that Gypsy Mamba’s remix of “Head Games” is as appealing as Lost Midas’ original,  thanks to the compatibility of their production styles.

Find out more on Lost Midas’ website. Pre-order “Off The Course” and get “Head Games” right away.  Purchase “Head Games” featuring Audris plus the remix on iTunes, Bandcamp, or Amazon. View Lost Midas’ music video “Lost Undone” featuring Taylor O’Donnell on the Encyclopedia of Music below.

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