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Heart-stopping Moment Ex-U.S. Soldier Heroically Runs Into Open Fire To Save The Life Of An Iraqi Girl From ISIS

Heart-stopping Moment Ex-U.S. Soldier Heroically Runs Into Open Fire To Save The Life Of An Iraqi Girl From ISIS

The US Army is responsible for keeping the citizens of the United States safe. However, that safety often comes at a cost and our soldiers constantly put their lives on the line in the scariest situations. For one ex-soldier, the idea of putting his life in danger was just a part of the job requirements. However, he quickly became a national hero when he ran into open fire to help save the life of a child from ISIS. You won’t believe how this story unfolds…

20. Former Soldier

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David Eubank, 56, is a former US Special Forces operator-turned aid worker. After spending so much time overseas during his deployment, Eubank knew that he wanted to continue helping his country. So he decided to help out through his own humanitarian group.

19. Humanitarian Group

Image: The Christian Broadcasting Network

Eubank formed the Free Burma Rangers, a humanitarian group that works hard to help civilians trapped in Mosul under ISIS. The group was originally started by Eubank and his wife, Karen, to help ethnic groups oppressed by the Burmese government. However, the group has since expanded.

18. Whole Family

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Not only do David and Karen help oppressed groups through their humanitarian work, but they also involve their entire family as well. Every time they go to a new country they bring all of their kids with them. The couple currently has three children: Sahale, 16, Suuzanne, 14 and Peter, 11.

17. Helpful Kids

Image: ABC

However, their kids don’t just tag along for fun – they actually help their parents out as well. According to ABC, the kids help Karen run pastoral care and child healthcare education programs in the places they visit. The entire family takes their mission very seriously.

16. Serious Work

Image: The SITREP Military Blog

Since Eubank used to be a solider it was no wonder that he took his duties out in Iraq so seriously. All of that came to light especially when video footage captured him rescuing the life of a little girl. So how exactly did this happen? You won’t believe the story…

15. Fleeing Civilians

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It was a typical day out in northern Iraq when Eubank came across a group of civilians that were fleeing from ISIS. Eubank immediately spotted that the civilians were being gunned down by ISIS snipers. That’s when he noticed something devastating.

14. A Young Girl

Image: www.freeburmarangers.org

As the snipers were shooting off at the group of civilians, Eubank noticed that there was a young girl in the middle of the gunfire. Eubank knew that he couldn’t just sit back and watch the little girl fear for her life. That’s when he decided that he would save the youngster’s life.

13. Running In

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Video footage captured Eubank running into an open fire zone wearing a helmet and a bullet-proof vest. He ran through the hail of gunshots and was being covered by two colleagues armed with machine guns. It was an incredible act of bravery that could have cost him his life…

12. Scooping Her Up

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In the video footage you can see Eubank scooping up the young girl into his arms. The little girl, who couldn’t have been more than 5 years old, had pink ribbons in her hair and looked absolutely terrified. Eubank continued to run from the bullets, covering up the young girl.

11. Scary Thoughts

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Eubank knew that by attempting to rescue the young girl that he would be risking his own life in the process. “I thought,  ‘If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand’,” Eubank told the Los Angeles Times. However, Eubank managed to be quite lucky in the situation.

10. Unharmed

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Luckily, Eubank managed to come out of the situation entirely unscathed. The little girl was also unharmed and he managed to get her to a safe spot. It was a truly miraculous rescue mission!

9. During The Rescue

Image: www.freeburmarangers.org

While the rescue mission was going on, David’s wife Karen was homeschooling their three kids not too far from the area. They had no idea what was going on as she taught them a mile away at a room above the Iraqi 9th Division’s medical clinic. It was a shock when they found out the story from their dad.

8. Life Mission

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Although David greatly enjoys helping whenever he can, he does have moments where he second guesses his choice. “I believe God sent me here, and I don’t think about security… but I always ask myself if I’m doing it out of pride,” he told the Times. His children have also mentioned that their lives have been pretty unconventional.

7. This Is Normal Now

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Although their upbringing hasn’t been conventional, to the Eubank kids, living a mile away from a merciless terrorist organization has become the norm. “For me, this is normal. And then also there’s people in Burma who live in a war zone all the time and for them, that is normal,” 16-year-old Sahale said.

6. Moving Back

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However, it is these scary circumstances that has caused David and Karen to reevaluate their decisions. Soon after the incident, the couple decided to move back home to Texas. Still, he is already thinking about his next mission to help others.

5. Spreading Awareness

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Being back home, however, has not stopped David from doing whatever he can to help the situation. He has been consistently spreading awareness about the situation in Mosul. The couple has been stopping at churches and speaking to congressmen about their story.

4. Hands-On

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It’s a hard balancing act, managing the need to raise awareness and support with the desire to get back in the field,” David says. “For me, I’d much rather do the hands-on. I’d rather do something than talk about it.”

3. The Young Girl

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So what has happened to the young girl since she was rescued by David? For the time being she had been living with David and another Iraqi family. “She’s smiling now. And we heard there may be an aunt or a cousin that’s alive that may come and adopt her,” David says.

2. Grateful

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Throughout all of this, David is just grateful to be alive. After serving in the army and running his humanitarian group, he has managed to walk away without any serious injuries. “I was shot in the arm, point-blank, by ISIS, and had some more fragments in my leg,” he says. “But none of those were serious.”

1. Amazing Work

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David and his entire family are incredibly dedicated to their humanitarian work. The Free Burma Rangers have become a part of the Iraqi army now and are helping as much as they can.

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