Heather Bond - So Long (Official Music Video)

Heather Bond – So Long

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Heather Bond recently released a music video for her new song, “So Long“. With roots in Nashville, Tennessee’s emerging indie scene, Bond has been praised as the folk music capital’s very own “piano-pop starlet”, but in truth her music encompasses a broad array of styles and influences. Her 2009 EP Walk Alone debuted a lot of honest tracks that tugged at the heartstrings of fans and critics alike, and she has only matured as an artist since then. With the release of her latest full-length album So Long, Bond has established herself as a confident and mesmerizing mainstay of Nashville’s contemporary music culture. With an emotive, confessional style, Bond’s voice rings with clarity as she coaxes us into her world. The risk when recording a pretty, emotional track like “So Long” is that the song might dip too far towards sentimentality, but Bond’s music is grounded on an inner strength that bends and sways, but does not lose itself. The result is an experience that transcends the easy cliches that might be applied when describing her music. Consider the refrain: “I’ve been crying for too long/I’ve been lying to myself for so long/I’ve been dying to see you…” These lyrics are deceptively simple, but they employ an effective internal rhyme scheme as well as a lot of open vowels for Bond’s voice to really shine.

Produced by: Matthew Odmark
Video by: IAB Productions, Nashville

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