Heidi Klum: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Heidi Klum: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)

Heidi Klum: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 1)


Heidi Klum is name everyone has heard. Born in Europe in 1973 she, later on, became an American citizen but retained her German citizenship as well. She is best known for her modeling days with Victoria’s Secret but has also been a business woman, producer, and even the occasional actress. Here are a few facts you may not have known about the beautiful Heidi. Don’t forget to come back soon for part two of this list.

Number Fifteen: She Was the First German Victoria’s Secret Angel

This happened in 1997. Following her amazing success as a model, she later became the host of Germany’s Next Top Model. Instead of completely abandoning her German roots for a new life in America, she has managed to maintain her ties back home.

Number Fourteen: Heidi Klum Was the Face of Many Brands

She worked as a spokesmodel for multiple well-known companies, which has served to increase her substantial fame even more. Among these are McDonalds and Volkswagen, where she appeared in some commercials.

Number Thirteen: Barbie’s Official Ambassador

Does Barbie really need an ambassador? Apparently, and in 2009, Heidi was elected for the job. This happened on the 50th anniversary of the popular doll.

Number Twelve: She Acts Sometimes

Though most of us think of her as being at home on the runway, she has also appeared in small roles on television. Some of these roles include Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother, and Parks and Recreation.

Number Eleven: More Businesswoman Than Model

There was a time when modeling was her main gig. As time went on, however, she became much more multi-faceted. She is now considered more of a businesswoman than a model.

Number Ten: She Beat Out 25,000 Competitors

Klum won a modeling contract with Metropolitan Models New York, against 25,000 other contestants! This happened in April of 1992.

Number Nine: James Bond Video Game

She’s featured in the game Everything or Nothing. She plays a villain named Dr. Katya Nadanova. We hope you enjoyed part one of this article of facts about this famous model. Check back for part two of this article about the famous former Victoria’s Secret model, coming soon.

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