So Here's Who Canceled Their Gigs Today

So Here’s Who Canceled Their Gigs Today

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While it’s been a musically groundbreaking day for many (U2’s free new album, New Music Tuesday, and Taylor Swift purportedly slamming Katy Perry), it’s been a day of call-offs from artists everywhere. Here’s a brief roundup of bummers:

1. Avicii – The dance music craftsman has indefinitely canceled all performances, including his headlining slot at TomorrowWorld, two Las Vegas shows, and a scheduled tour in Asia this October. The 25-year-old Swiss house musician is dealing with health issues linked to surgeries (removing his gallbladder and appendix) earlier this year. According to reps, he’s resting till he feels up to working on his second album again, which is due sometime next year.
2. CeeLo Green – The twitter catastrophe brought about more than just personal repercussions. The “Forget You” hitmaker pleaded no contest to giving his ex-girlfriend ecstasy, but he tweeted in reference to the allegation that he raped her. “Women who have really been raped remember!!… If someone passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! So WITH implies consent.” He later apologized, but network executives canceled the second season of his reality TV show (“The Good Life”). Later, the Alabama music festival Bayfest in Mobile called off his performance, which was scheduled for October 4th.

3. Cher – The actress/singer megastar got sick late last week, but she planned on pushing through with her Las Vegas performances today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, doctors have advised against it. Now, her viral infection is causing her to postpone her full North American tour. All 49 shows were sold out, grossing nearly $55 million in sales. With the “Believe” singer on bed rest, the bulk of the tour has been rescheduled to October.

In the spirit of cancellations, here’s a bonus: Annie Lennox has teased her retirement. Speaking to a crowd at a Q&A in London last night (to promote her coming sixth album, Nostalgia), she admitted “I was thinking maybe it’s my swan song.” Later, she told Rolling Stone, “I’ve stopped writing because I’m too happy… Misery is a great catalyst for some extraordinary music but you don’t really want to live there 24/7. I’d rather be not successful and happy than be super-successful and absolutely miserable.”

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