Heroes & Terrorists - Gov'ament Cheese

Heroes & Terrorists – Gov’ament Cheese

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Heroes & Terrorists have just dropped a new music video for their song “Gov’ament Cheese“. The name of the group is a reference to duality and tension in life: the Ying and Yang of just existing and working towards our goals. This artistic group is operating in a universe in which there will always be someone who loses something, every single time you gain something. Even something small. So this group’s message is to transcend bias and tackle life holistically. They are a hip hop group that divides their time between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia. There are six singers in the group. They formed in 2011, and since then have risen to prominence in obscure sectors of the hip hop underground scene. They claim to be famous for their dynamic and “refreshingly versatile” lyrics, as well as for their live performances. They cite the Wu Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest as major influences. Their goal is to uplift audiences everywhere. This video follows the group around what looks like a high school or maybe a locker room. They are all wearing hoodies and masks that make you think of the mask in that movie “V for Vendetta”, or perhaps the masks are supposed to be a reference to the hacker-activist group, Anonymous. In the music video, girls follow the rappers around and hang on their every word as the preach lyrics of wisdom. The video quality is mediocre, but they get a pass for spirit.

Track Name: Gov’ament Cheese
Mixtape Name: Gritz & Grenades
Group Name: Heroes & Terrorists
Director/Editor: Tom Larkin
Twitter: @seriousbeats @hiphops_son @pharaoh_lum @hennyjones412

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