These Are the World's 10 Highest Paid DJs

These Are the World’s 10 Highest Paid DJs

These Are the World's 10 Highest Paid DJs

Becoming a DJ has been the hottest thing this year, and honestly, we can’t blame anyone who’s trying. The salaries of these 10 highest paid DJs will absolutely blow you away. Forget thousands – all of these DJs make millions every year. Check out the full list below!

Number Ten: Afrojack. Dutch DJ Afrojack made $16 million in 2015. His debut album, Forget the World, featured Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, so it’s no surprise that this 6’9″ DJ made our list.

Number Nine: Zedd. Tied in ninth place, Zedd pulled in $17 million in 2015. He was born Anton Zaslavski, but this Russian-German DJ probably made the right choice changing his name to something catchier. He had a lead single with Selena Gomez this year as well.

Number Eight: Martin Garrix. Tied with Zedd in ninth/eighth place is Martin Garrix with a respectable salary of $17 million. Amazingly, Martin Garrix is just 19 years old but was able to play a whopping 116 shows this year.

Number Seven: Kaskade. Kaskade might be in his 40s, but he shows no signs of stopping soon. He made $18 million this year and is a former Mormon and father of three.

Number Six: Avicii. Sliding comfortably into sixth place is Avicii, who earned a respectable $19 million this year. He has been nominated for a Grammy and experienced wild success with his single “Wake Me Up.”

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Number Five: Steve Aoki. Tied in fifth/fourth place is Steve Aoki, who was paid $24 million this year. He played 216 shows this year, and while that’s down from the 277 he played last year, he earned an impressive one million dollars more than he did last year. Although, to him, that’s probably chump change.

Number Four: Skrillex. Tied with Steve Aoki is Skrillex, who earned $24 million this year. He played more than 95 shows this year and also released a wildly successful album with Diplo.

Number Three: Tiesto. He might be getting older, but Tiesto is clearly getting wiser because he was paid $36 million this year. This Dutch DJ earns money by both playing shows and through endorsements with companies like 7UP and Guess.

These Are the World's 10 Highest Paid DJs

Number Two: David Guetta. Coachella headliner David Guetta made a hefty $37 million this year. He has a weekly residence in Ibiza and has earned a lot of money thanks to his appeal to the mainstream pop crowd.

Number One: Calvin Harris. Finally, the highest paid DJ this year is Calvin Harris, who earned $66 million. Taylor Swift’s rumored beau also modeled for Armani and released the critically acclaimed “Motion” with Big Sean and Gwen Stefanie last year, helping him achieve his success.

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