Highlights from the NYC Gay Pride Dance on the Pier

Highlights from the NYC Gay Pride Dance on the Pier

Two days after the Supreme Court officially ruled that gay marriage is legal in all fifty states, crowds turned up in the thousands for the NYC Gay Pride Dance on the Pier. After marching in the New York City Gay Pride Parade earlier that day, New York City residents made their way over to Hudson River Park: Pier 26 for a night they would never forget. The headliner of this concert was pop star Ariana Grande who followed in the footsteps of icons such as Whitney Houston, Cher, and Jennifer Lopez who have also sung at this event. The night was alive and everybody was dressed in rainbow-themed clothing, dancing and singing along as Ariana performed her mega-hit “Problem” as well as many of her other well-known tracks. She even called out the four Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage in front of the entire crowd! Here are some of the highlights from that night.


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