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Hilarious Grandma Gift Fails That Are Actually Treasure In Disguise

Hilarious Grandma Gift Fails That Are Actually Treasure In Disguise
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When it’s time for the holidays, people who are lucky enough to have a grandmother in their lives are probably familiar with some of the clever, thoughtful and downright hilarious gifts in this gallery. The following gifts may seem off-kilter at first, but their true genius is quickly revealed!

16. Generosity in Nightgowns

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A grandmother is endlessly generous. That was the case for this young man, who got a delightful surprise when he complimented his grandmother’s nightgown. “My 84-Year-Old Grandmother Apologized For Having To Wear Her Nightgown In Front Of Us. I Said It Was No Problem And That It Actually Looked Very Comfortable, So She Immediately Offered One To Me. It’s Not Like I Could Have Rejected This Generous Gift…”

15. In the Toilet

Image: mordibala

Some grandmothers are prim and proper and embarrassed by bathroom humor. Thankfully for this grandson, his grandma totally gets potty humor. You have to admit, a toilet coffee cup would be a great item to show up at the office with on Monday. The effect of the brown coffee sells it even more.

14. Viking Hats

Image: Imgur

When you ask for a new hat from grandma, lots of hilarity could ensue, including many kinds of homemade headgear. Although grandkids often groan when they receive a crocheted hat, they are always made with love. This grandma did an even cooler thing: she knitted two viking hats, complete with long beards. Awesome!

13. Vested

Image: Reddit

Macho dudes wear vests! At least that was the theory behind grandma’s special vest for her grandson. “My 90-Year Old Grandma Mailed A Homemade Vest For Me To “Wear To Parties”. It’s… Amazing,” said the handsome grandson. With this story, he probably charmed everyone he met!

12. Mario

Image: blandisanoob

We’re not sure if this person was complaining or jealous when they wrote, “my friend just got his Christmas present from his grandmother.” Odds are, it was jealousy. This is an amazing effort and a fabulous rendition of Mario. Video game fans would love this one-of-a-kind blanket.

11. Brodie Jonas Dean

Image: Buffnuggets

Brodie’s grandmother saw this t-shirt (“I Heart BJ”) and thought instantly of her son because his initials are BJ. However, we all know that the shirt probably refers to a specific sexual act. And by the look on grandma’s face in the background, we’re pretty sure she was in on the joke.

10. Jeep Cover

Image: Neverstillcreations

God bless the grandmother who noted her grandchild’s love of their Jeep and makes a homemade gift for it. This may not be waterproof, but the Jeep’s owner is displaying the wheel cover with pride! What more could you want?

9. Cat Guy

Image: llama1892

When you’re a cat guy, it’s not a surprise for grandmother to know it. This guy is proudly wearing the amazing tie-dyed, rainbow-themed t-shirt that plays tribute to a grey tabby. Although the guy is trying hard, he can’t match the intensity of the cat’s stare – you can feel its eyes right through the shirt!

8. Graduation Present

Image: Neverstillcreations

Most people greatly appreciate a photo album gift, so we’re sure the recipient of this one thought they were receiving a thoughtful memento of their school years. Turns out it was something even better: an album filled with cash. This grandmother gets an A+ for sure!

7. The Original Snuggie

Image: Imgur

Snuggies and adult onesies are all the rage, but guess who did it first? Grandma, that’s who! This kid is snuggled up in a custom shark blanket that is warmer and more stylish than anything you can buy at Target or Walmart. We have a feeling that this kid was disappointed with the present until they climbed inside.

6. Cross Stitch Champ

Image: theagtm

This looks like a cross-stitch that is time-consuming and pretty terrific. Each of these towels includes a rainbow and a cat. If you look closely at the stack, there are at least a half dozen of these towels. What a cool gift!

5. Herb Aficionado

Image: I_Say_I_Say

This grandma may not share her grandchild’s affection for this particular herb (although we can’t rule it out), but she came through with something her granddaughter adores. The backstory: granddaughter asked for fingerless gloves, so grandma delivered a fashion statement to remember.

4. Warrior Hat

Image: theagtm

This young man looks like a warrior in this hat and mask combo, which is exactly what you need to survive winter in the northern climates. This gift is extra special since the boy’s grandma made it after he showed her a similar picture that he thought was cool. She made one and then surprised him with it. 

3. Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles

Image: CaptainSnatchbuckler

It truly doesn’t matter how old you are, your grandmother will always remember what you loved when you were a kid. For this lucky 34-year old, that means he got a birthday present that commemorates something he adores: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can tell from the look on his face that this man is pretty excited about it!

2. Laser Cats

Image: JAOOB

This young man looks just as excited as we would be if someone gave us a laser cats t-shirt! Who knows if grandma is a fan o the Saturday Night Live sketch or if she just really dug the shirt – either way it is a first rate gift that anyone would be proud to wear about town!

1. Challenge Accepted!

Image: AceWayne4

A grandson challenged his grandmother by saying he wanted 100 gifts from the Dollar Store. He quickly learned not to be against her.Challenge accepted!This pile of presents represents 100 gifts, each one purchased at the Dollar Store and each one costing $1.00.

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