Hold Tight to This Hypnotic Video By Ladi6

Hold Tight to This Hypnotic Video By Ladi6

Ladi 6

The music video “Hold Tight” by Ladi6 is simpler than most others on the site. That’s not to say I dislike it, but just that the video wants to convey something very simple and goes about it in a straightforward (and successful) way. The animation is a basic rotoscope of Ladi6’s head that covers the night sky while many flamboyant colors swish around the screen. The song begins with a woman confessing to her lover her wish that “everything we touched turned into something better/ Maybe it could stop my lips dragging on the floor.” There’s misery in this relationship, but not because of the two participants. It’s a familiar story made wondrous because of the intricate drawings in the video.

Throughout the entire sequence, Ladi6’s head remains fixed in the center of the screen. While some may find this frustratingly static (and it would have been nice to shift a little) it works well with the theme of needing to stay strong throughout rough times. Waves and various objects obscure Ladi6’s face many times yet her voice remains strong throughout. With every refrain her eyes gaze straight at the viewer as if reinforcing her presence throughout all the random obstacles encountered. The lyrics “Hold tight to me/If in this world you could be anywhere/This is where I would like to be/Hold tight to me/There is no place/I want to be than in your arms” are a reminder to both herself and her lover that wishing for too much blinds oneself to the great things they already have. This is the second half of the videos one-two punch message. Too often couples spend their time yearning for something more that they fail to realize what they have is envied by many. Maybe that’s a bit too corny of a message but the simplicity of it feels honest. Like I said before, it is very simple but speaks to a complex duality.

Ladi6 (born Karoline Tamati) hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. Although she’s a kiwi by birth, her taste for music began during the teenage years she spent in Africa. After a year and a half, Tamati hit the ground running upon returning to New Zealand. Within a few years she had become a skilled breakdancer, formed her own group Sheelahroc, and released a hit solo If I Gave Th’mic. That must have been some inspiration she experienced in Africa.

Give the video a look for yourself. The beautiful blend of colors are more than enough of a reason to see it.

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