Holiday Inn: 8 Secrets About the Hotel Chain

Holiday Inn: 8 Secrets About the Hotel Chain

Holiday Inn: 8 Secrets About the Hotel Chain

Holiday Inn is one of the biggest hotel chain destinations for travelers these days, and we are here to tell you why. Almost all of us have stayed a night in their comfortable rooms, but how much do you really know about this company? Read on to discover the eight secrets that they aren’t telling you!

Number Eight: Early Beginnings

The very first Holiday Inn popped up near Memphis as early as 1952. Founder Kemmons Wilson was inspired for the hotel after experiencing the curse of 1950s motels while on a family road trip. In his original creation, Wilson managed 120 total rooms with clean and consistent amenities, affordable price, a pool, and a policy that children under 12 stayed free.

Number Seven: A Revolutionary Concept

The chain of hotels has seen wild success since it first emerged. To date, the big boss of hotels runs an astonishing total of more than 3,300 locations across the globe, catering to more than 120 million customers annually. It is also now under the charge of the InterContinental Hotel Group.

Number Six: A Great Time for Business

When the roadways of America encouraged citizens to take to the streets with the Highway Development Project of 1956, Wilson’s business flourished more than ever. When the project was announced, you could almost see the “ca-ching” in his eyes. Feeling the energy of opportunity coming on, he used the early years of the business to reel in investors who would fund his great ideas for expansion. By 1972, Holiday Inn became the first billion-dollar hotel company.

Number Five: The Holidex

Holiday Inn was the first to embrace the benefits of technology, as early as 1965. In this year, the company unveiled the Holidex. The Holidex was an online network to organize the workings of the hotels for both guests and employees. This online server was the very first of any hotel to give guests the ability to reserve a room online.

Number Four: The InterContinental Group

This chain later went on to become one of the handful of renowned chains to form the InterContinental Hotel Group PLC in 2003. Starting in 1990, a brewery company by the name of Bass went on a mission to collect the best of the best hotel chains- Holiday Inn was the first. By 2003, the company had acquired accommodation facilities over six continents.

Number Three: The Holiday Inn Modernization

In 2007, the owners decided to give the Holiday Inn a modern makeover. With a massive sum of more than $1 billion dollars, over 90% of all locations were renovated. The new rooms received modernized showers, bedding, décor, and even improved customer service.

Number Two: The First Loyalty Program

The Holiday Inn was the very first hotel chain to create a loyalty program, which began in February of 1983. Although, it wasn’t as great as it is today. Back then, the only rewards offered were for flier miles, and only on select airlines and flights.

Number One: The Nickelodeon Hotel

This renowned chain is responsible for the creation of the one and only Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando. This hotel really brought every child’s dream to life in a way hotels never imagined. Originally, the plan for the resort was to include both KidsSuites, in the design currently available, as well as CineSuites for the adults. The adult rooms were meant to have their own special themes, such as the “Sweetheart Suite” for lovers, but the chain decided at the last minute to keep it a kids’ paradise. It is truly unlike any other resort in the nation. We hope you liked reading about the eight secrets of the Holiday Inn hotel chain!

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