The Honeyrunners - Under Control (Official Music Video)

The Honeyrunners – Under Control

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An unfortunate man with cuts and bruises is kneeling in the woods with a gun pointed to his head. And that’s only the beginning of the Honeyrunners’ music video for “Under Control.” But don’t worry – that’s just foreshadowing of the terrible things that are about to happen. We won’t give away the ending though, because just like the video, you must give the track a full listen! The visual elements and plot ironically portray the lyrics of the song. The man seems to have everything under control when he figures a way out of the rut, but finds himself back at square one with his hands tied up once again. With rawness and a bit of punk, “Under Control” is one heck of a soulful rock and roll song. The music collective, comprised of Marcus Bucci, Dan Dwoskin and Brandon Robins, always makes an impact with what they describe as “sticky, sweaty and soul-drenched” music.

Directed by Dan Dwoskin
Filmed by Daniel Duguay and Cliff Bielawski
Edited and Graded by Cliff Bielawski
Cast – Spencer Waugh, Jon Robinson and Marcus Bucci

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